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Unique Features

Discover an array of miscellaneous features at your fingertips, such as the Grenade Helper, Cloud Radar, Movement Recorder, Inventory Changer, Streamproof and numerous other tools to enhance your experience.

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The Movement Recorder will playback movement that you've recorded and saved in a specific location. Readily available movement recordings can be downloaded with ease.

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Inventory Changer helps you create customizable skins to your liking! It also adds the skins to your CSGO inventory, making them feel even more real.

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Stream proofing will create an overlay and hide the ESP on anything that records the software itself. (e.g. OBS, Medal)

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The Grenade helper is designed to assist you with precision and accuracy in your grenade throws. It not only guides you on where to stand and where to aim, but also takes care of the physical act of throwing the grenade, ensuring a perfect throw every time.

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Cloud Radar lets your friends join in on the fun! Click the feature and send them the live updating radar so they can cheat without injecting!

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Why People Choose Us

At, we provide an undetected CSGO cheat that serves as the ultimate gaming solution for players of all skill levels. Our CSGO hack features a wide range of functionalities including a wallhack, aimbot, triggerbot, inventory changer, cloud radar and much more, all available at an affordable price.

Whether you're looking to improve your gameplay or simply have more fun, Hyperion has you covered with our multi-purpose CSGO cheat.

dot-iconAt Hyperion, your safety is our top priority. Our CSGO cheat has remained undetected since its release thanks to our advanced security measures. is a user-friendly CSGO legit cheat that makes it easy for new cheaters to create custom configurations to fit their playstyle

dot-iconOur dedicated support staff is available 24/7 to ensure you receive prompt assistance whenever you need it.


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quoteI like the clean ui for a relatively cheap cheat, I really like some of the visuals and have not had low trust issues. quote


quoteAt Hyperion, we put the user first. We actively listen to the community's recommendations and strive to implement their ideas into our cheat. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch
support to every user, ensuring that their experience is nothing short of exceptional!quote


quote Clean, simple, not hard to set up. For the price, fantastic! It has everything you need at an affordable price quote